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iCE Neuro: from conception to clinical application

May 2018

iCE Neuro launches with $700,000 in startup funds.

March 2020

FDA grants Emergency Use authorization for use of the iCEWav Neuromonitoring Platform with subcutaneous electrodes for a critically ill COVID patient.

April 2020

FDA grants 510(k) clearance for the iCEWav Neuromonitoring software platform.

March-June 2020

iCEWav becomes an integral component of care for critically ill COVID patients.

November 2020

iCE Neuro completes landmark trial of iCE-SG electrodes in patients with cardiac arrest.

January 2021

iCE Neuro raises $2.95M in seed funding to accelerate clinical adoption and catalyze big-data analysis.

February 2021

FDA grants 510(k) clearance for iCE-SG Subcutaneous Electrode arrays.

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