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Better data to save the brain

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Introducing the iCEWav Platform

— the world’s first integrated, full-stack data system to revolutionize brain care for critically-ill patients. 

Patients, doctors and hospitals no longer have to suffer in the fight to save the brain during critical illness

  • Avoidable brain injury during critical illness is a primary driver of outcome

  • Avoidable brain injury leads to severe disability, need for long-term care and death

  • Inability to detect pending brain injury leads to ineffective treatment and poor outcomes

  • Doctors are essentially “flying blind” with the brain

  • Brain complications lead to a 2.5x increase in length of stay for critically-ill patients

  • Intensive care represents a massive source of cost burden for hospitals

Simply, better.

Better data Acquisition
  • Leverages EEG, which
    is the gold standard for real-time brain monitoring


  • Proprietary 510k-cleared devices enable non-expert clinicians to acquire high-fidelity, long-term EEG data

Better data Integration
  • iCEWav Bedside transforms raw EEG data into easy-to-interpret visual outputs

  • iCEWav Bedside integrates and time-locks high-frequency systemic physiological data from the bedside monitor and EMR

  • “Web 2.0” user interface provides first in class operability for data visualization and correlation

Better data Access
  • iCECloud Clinical provides clinicians with web-based access to de-identified iCEWav data at anytime, anywhere

  • Enables true tele-ICU capability across the range of healthcare ecosystems

Better data Visualization
  • iCECloud Knowledge
    serves as a unified, multi-institutional repository of combined brain and 
    body data


  • The Knowledge platform and database are custom designed for machine learning approaches

  • Supports and enables “crowd-sourced” data analysis for feed-forward platform development

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